Skin Lightening Vs. Skin Whitening - An Honest Comparison

November 22, 2021

Skin Lightening Vs. Skin Whitening - An Honest Comparison

Regardless of race or age, all women want clear, radiant, and even skin. If you are reading this, then chances are that you are trying to draw the thin line between Skin lightening and Skin whitening, and No matter how beautiful you are, the main goal is for your skin to have a healthy glow without future consequences.

I truly understand, especially in this part of the world, where hormones, sun exposure, genes, and other factors have a way of getting in the course of our efforts to create spots and flaws that make some part of our body darker than the rest.

Even though Skin Lightening and Skin whitening sound the same and have the same goal, which is to keep your skin even, you must understand the differences to achieve an optimal balance when selecting the product that is right for your skin.

In this article, we’ll dive into the deeper meaning of these two and also discuss ;

  • How “Skin Lightening” can be done naturally to help with the flaws on your skin.
  • Why “Skin Whitening” may be harmful to your health and should not be avoided.

Skin Lightening And Hyperpigmentation.

To discuss Skin Lightening, you must first understand what HYPERPIGMENTATION is.

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that is used to refer to dark spots or patches on the skin. 

It mainly shows up ;

  • After a person’s skin has been inflamed – Inflammation of the skin darkens some parts of the skin.
  • When the skin areas such as the hands and face are more exposed to the sun, exposure to the sun To protect the skin from prolonged sun exposure, the body releases more melanocytes.
  • Due to drug-related reactions
  • And also due to health issues.

What is Skin Lightening?

So to clear the clashing opinion of what you have heard, Skin Lightening is the process of using skin products that lighten dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation is referred to as skin lightening.

SKIN LIGHTENING Products help lighten up your uneven skin and to fade out unnecessary flaws.

Skin lightening, in essence, smooths out the skin tone by focusing on uneven areas of the skin, such as flaws and acne, age spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. This is accomplished by using a lightening cream.

Why Skin Lightening Products?

The ultimate goal is not to bleach your skin but to remove dark spots on your skin without bleaching, instead give the skin its natural color.

Skin Lightening products prevent future skin blemishes, and they have the right ingredients to make the skin glow.

Skin lightening isn’t limited to cream; there’s also a wide range of natural products that you can source and apply to problem areas as needed.

Some of these ingredients are lemon, mulberry, and aloe vera.

Skin lightening is a treatment modality used to achieve an even skin tone. It works by decreasing or controlling the level of melanin in your skin. Uneven skin tone can be caused by hyperpigmentation, the appearance of dark patches on your skin.

Skin lighten can be accomplished through home remedies like Oranges, Aloe Vera honey, Papaya, Yogurt e.t.c

What Is Skin Whitening?

Skin Whitening, also known as skin bleaching, is a treatment that will give you a lighter skin tone through the use of Chemicals, bleaching, or other painful procedures such as skin lightening surgery.

This process lightens your skin beyond its natural tone. It is a way of adding extra to skin tone.

However, as effective as this process is, you have to be careful because they may contain dangerous chemicals that can harm your skin forever. Prescribed medications, chemical peels, bleaching substances, and other skin lightening surgeries are popular to whiten skin tone drastically.

Is Skin Whitening Healthy?

Skin whitening, whether through a cream, surgical, or through the use of chemicals, can be very dangerous. It is a volatile effect that can damage the body as it may involve skin poisoning with active ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercury. This is why the topic of skin whitening is highly disputable in society.

Skin whitening has lots of side effects on the body, and recovery from them usually takes time.

Is Skin Whitening A lasting solution?

Just like Skin Lightening, Skin Whitening products aren’t a permanent solution. The cream might give you the results you desire just in a short period, but once you stop applying them, the results start vanishing in a few weeks, and it might cause additional damages.

Skin Lightening VS Skin Whitening

This article clarified that there are two ways to take care of your skin tone but their only similarity is that they require constant maintenance and dedication.

However, each has a different purpose of serving.

Skin lightening from its end gets rid of hyperpigmentation and your dark spots. It gives your skin a natural glow and rejuvenates it upon an even skin tone. While Skin Whitening means you are chemically bleaching your skin beyond its natural skin tone.

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