How Laduora Duo Works?

We've transformed dermatologist-grade technology into safe, portable essentials for scalp and hair care. Discover the proven science behind our patented device.

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The Science

By delivering low-level wavelengths of red light (660 nanometers), this safe, gentle, and non-invasive therapy can stimulate hair growth, improving overall hair health and appearance, without downtime or side effects in most healthy individuals.


  • Promotes hair growth
  • Boosts hair thickness
  • Minimizes Inflammation
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Why choose Laduora Duo?

Laduora Duo is the one and only device that blends traditional topical methods with advanced technologies, all packed into one convenient, portable device. Our patented design prioritizes scalp wellness, ensuring benefits that go beyond your growth goals. Unlike many other devices that take months to yield results, ours delivers both instant and long-lasting outcomes. And the best part? It's not just effective; it feels so good, making it effortlessly enjoyable to stay committed to your haircare routine!

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Dermatologists 💜 Laduora!

"I seriously love this device it's one of the most innovative haircare devices I've come across. LED therapy has been studied a lot to show benefits in hair growth by stimulating these mitochondira to increase cellular energy and increasing blood flow to the scalp. What really excites me is that you can put these ingredients into pods which can really help our scalp and hair health."

Dr. Dylan Greeney, MD

"This [Laduora] device is super quick especially in comparison to other devices on the market. The duo can be really beneficial for men and women with all lengths of hair who're in the early stages of hair loss and want to prevent further thinning."

Dr. Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist