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Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Hair and Skin

Good skincare and haircare routine is an integral part of your daily self-care regimen. It helps your skin and hair stay in optimal conditions. Research shows that men and women shed skin skills throughout the day, so keeping your hair in good condition and your skin glowing is crucial. 

A well-planned skincare or haircare routine with premium-quality products can prevent various complications, such as acne, wrinkles, fine lines, hair loss, baldness, etc. At the same time, you will look and feel more youthful and confident. 

Your skin cells do not function properly and turn over slowly as you age. As a result, your skin appears less radiant, duller, and uneven, with wrinkles and fine lines appearing on your face and neck. 

To achieve your goals, you can find dozens of brands, hundreds of red light therapy devices, and various skincare and haircare techniques/therapies. However, nothing matches the effectiveness and reliability of red light therapy for skin and hair. Read on! 

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy uses low wavelength to reduce inflammation, heal wounds, trigger cells/tissues to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the target area, and improve skin appearance by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne, irritation, and redness, stretch marks, and age spots. Red light therapy also 

  • Improves wound healing 

  • Enhances facial texture and skin tone

  • Reduce the risk of 

    • Eczema 

    • Rosacea 

    • Psoriasis 

  • Reduces scars visibility 

  • Improves sun-damaged skin 

  • Protects the scalp from damage 

Generally, red light therapy requires you to expose your skin to a specialized device that releases low to medium wavelength red light. The red light penetrates your skin and reaches the cells to stimulate the mitochondria, causing them to produce more energy. 

The energy released allows cells to repair themselves and maintain their optimal function. Thus, this heals your skin tissues, scalp, and hair. Because red light therapy uses low wavelengths, it does not burn or damage your skin. Let us now discuss the benefits of red light therapy for hair and skin. 

Red Light Therapy At-Home

Red light therapy at home treatment doesn't use ultraviolet light and is also different than infrared light that penetrates deeply. Instead, it uses skin-safe, low-level light in different wavelengths. Red light therapy at home devices deliver low-wavelength led light goes from 620 nanometers(nm) long to 700 nanometers(nm) low-wavelength its effects by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Some studies have found that red LED light therapy tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and makes skin smoother and softer. ‌

Red Light Therapy At Home

Red Light Therapy Treatments

Red light therapy for hair growth

Some studies show that red light therapy may help to restore hair for those with androgenetic alopecia, or male- and female-pattern hair loss.

Ref: Harvard Health Publishing

Promotes Hair Growth 

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. Studies highlight that it affects 50% of men between the age of 40 and 75. It also affects women above 60. Although you can find different treatment options for androgenetic alopecia or hair loss, most can lead to severe side effects. 

On the other hand, research studies have confirmed that red light therapy is a drug-free and side-effects-free treatment option for hair loss. It promotes hair growth in men and women without causing any adverse reactions. 

Red light therapy stimulates your hair follicles and triggers the stem cells. The purpose is to shift follicles into the active growth phase, also known as the anagen phase. Red light therapy stimulates hair growth, but it also grows follicles and hairs in places where they did not exist. 

In addition, low light wavelengths improve your hair quality by increasing blood circulation to your scalp, ensuring your scalp and hair receives enough nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants to grow faster and remain healthier. 

Laduora DUO Hair Care Device is an advanced, cutting-edge hair-care device with innovative technologies, such as red light therapy, electrical stimulation (microcurrent), therapeutic warmth, and sonic vibration. 

Red light therapy hair growth brush

Each technology incorporated in Laduora Duo Red Light Therapy Hair Care Device performs a specific function to grow your hair. The best thing about this product is that it uses 30 medical led lights with a wavelength of 680 nanometers. 

These led lights produce red light energy that increases blood flow to the scalp, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and activates dormant follicles. So, this cutting-edge and affordable red light therapy hair-care device can help you achieve your hair growth goals. 

Red light therapy for face

Experts believe that red LED light acts on cells in the skin known as fibroblasts, which play a role in the production of collagen, a protein that makes up a large part of connective tissue and helps the skin to recover when it’s harmed. So, in theory, red light therapy could help to reverse some of the signs related to photoaging in the skin, says Dr. Buzney.

Decreases Signs of Aging 

Collagen and elastin are primary proteins that play a crucial role in preventing your skin from sagginess. These proteins ensure your skin is tighter, firmer, well-toned, contoured, and plump.

Although your body naturally produces collagen and elastin, cigarette smoking, sun exposure, pollution, microbes, environmental pollutants, and aging severely impact the production of these proteins. Consequently, your skin loses elasticity and appears saggy and wrinkled. 

Research studies show that red light therapy can promote collagen and elastin production, reducing the signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin roughness. Velve Pro Skincare Wand reduces acne and ensures a more youthful and radiant skin via red-light therapy. 

Red light therapy devices smoothen your skin and help with fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it helps with burns, acne scars, and signs of ultraviolet sun damage by stimulating collagen and elastin production and increasing blood flow to the damaged cells, ensuring rejuvenation. 

Reduces Acne 

Red light therapy is one of the best options for treating acne. Red light penetrates your skin and targets your sebaceous glands to reduce inflammation, encourage collagen production, and improve acne appearance. In addition, red light therapy can combine with blue light therapy which is also a noninvasive treatment for acne that uses blue light to kill certain bacteria on the skin.

A growing body of research evidence shows that red light therapy is an effective treatment option for acne when used with a photosensitizing agent. It benefits people who fail to relieve their acne with oral and topical antibiotics. In short, red-light therapy can:

  • Reduce swelling in your skin tissues 

  • Reduce skin discoloration 

  • Relieves itching, redness, burning sensations 

  • Treats skin infections, blisters, and crusts 

Velve Pro Skincare Wand is a groundbreaking, safe, and effective product that uses five clinically certified technologies: Red Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy, Facial Massage, Microcurrent, and Therapeutic Warmth. These technologies rejuvenate your skin, reduce/prevents acne, and help you look and feel youthful. 

Red light therapy for face

For instance, the blue-light therapy incorporated in Velve Pro Skincare Wand combats and kills bacteria to prevent the risk of acne. At the same time, the red-light therapy ensures you have a more youthful, radiant, rejuvenated, and even-toned skin. 

Does Red Light Therapy Work? 

Red light therapy is generally considered a safe emerging treatment that's generating growing interest. It stimulates collagen production and enhances ATP production. Collagen is a component of connective tissue that builds skin. It also reduces inflammation in skin cells. Red light therapy also improves hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia.

It takes years to develop acne scarring, wrinkles, and pigmentation and while you should not expect to see a complete turnaround overnight, results will come in the weeks and months ahead.

Does Red Light Therapy Effective For All Skin Types?

Red light therapy is safe for all skin types, and is promoted as a noninvasive treatment to a skin health routine for common skin conditions including

  • Help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enhance skin tone ( anti aging ).

  • Help reduce dark circles under the eye area.

  • Help to repair sun damage.

  • Increasing skin firmness, elasticity, and texture.

  • Cellular repair ( anti aging ).

  • Builds collagen ( anti aging ).

  • Help decrease inflammation.

How Do I Choose A Best Red Light Therapy At Home Device?

The most effective wavelength for the red light therapy device for skin is in the spectral range of 600-700nm—these wavelengths stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and diminish hyperpigmentation.

415nm wavelengths is the optimal wavelength for blue light. It effectively kills off the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Red light therapy appears to be safe and is not associated with any side effects. If you are using a red light therapy skincare wand or a skincare tool, applying a hydrating serum will minimize tugging and allow your red light therapy wand to easily glide across the skin. Unlike the cancer-causing UV light from the sun, led light does not use this type of light.

Can I Overdo Red Light Therapy Treatments?

Red light therapy can not be overdone for most people. Unlike many other treatments, red light therapy is a safe and noninvasive treatment to use every day. Staying hydrated is always good advice that may help increase the effectiveness of red light therapy. For effective red light therapy treatment, red light therapy session ranges anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

Final Words 

Red light therapy at home is a practical, natural, and safe treatment option for skin conditions and hair loss. We recommend red light therapy devices because they are backed by peer-reviewed medical research. 

Check out our unique line of products or Contact us today for more information. Our support team will answer your questions and give you essential details to make an informed decision.