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Blue Light Therapy Benefits for Acne Treatment

December 06, 2021

blue light therapy benefits for acne treatment

Nowadays the mainstay of acne vulgaris therapy is pharmaceutical treatment which often entails undesired side effects like skin peeling, discomfort and tightness. Especially when it comes to oral medicine, it also affects the body, that is mainly the liver if not more organs. Fortunately, there exists a non-invasive alternative which brings as effective results as the standard cure without putting unnecessary strain on the organism - Blue Light Therapy is both a potent treatment as well as a pleasant experience.


The skin cells are naturally abundant in light-absorbing elements - this property is commonly used in diverse variants of skin light therapy that utilizes light to exert particular regenerative processes in the skin layers. It is no different in Blue Light Therapy which employs blue light of more than 400 nm that penetrates the skin as deeply as the upper dermis - from there, it works its magic. Moreover, the blue light’s wavelength falls right in the peak of the spectrum of the light absorbed by coproporphyrin III and protoporphyrin IX - two light-absorbing compounds of Propionibacterium acnes, or the acne-causing bacteria. This feature also finds its application in the therapy.


As mentioned above, the deepest that the blue light can get is the upper dermis which means it affects the epidermis and the upper parts of the sebaceous glands where bacteria and oil cause acne. It goes in accordance with the results obtained in the studies - blue light is shown to significantly lower inflammation, sebaceous gland size and sebum production in the said area of the skin what is reflected in a diminished appearance of acne lesions, especially those of the inflammatory origin (the pustules and the nodules). The comedonal lesions (the whiteheads and the blackheads) are also notably diminished, nonetheless to a slightly lesser degree.

However, Blue Light Therapy does not only fight acne by influencing the extent of inflammation and sebum production, but it also effectively kills off the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. As the blue light is absorbed by the bacterial coproporphyrin III and protoporphyrin IX, a great amount of singlet oxygen molecules and reactive free radicals is being produced that subsequently leads to microbial destruction. This way, the three main factors contributing to the formation of acne vulgaris - the bacteria, the excessive sebum production and the inflammation - are efficaciously addressed.

If that was too little, research has proven that Blue Light Therapy does not solely treat the already existing condition but it also prevents the development of new lesions, maintaining the skin’s clear and healthy state.


Treating acne could not have been as pleasant and effective as when using our Laduora Dual Function wand. Its unique design allows you to apply it as effortlessly as it gets rid of acne lesions. The device employs the highly effective Blue Light Therapy, nevertheless its benefits do not end here - the wand additionally utilizes Red Light Therapy and Microcurrent for the most superb results possible. Red light is of a somehow longer wavelength than blue light what enables it to penetrate more deeply into the skin right to the base of the sebaceous glands, where they are even more efficiently regulated and the inflammation is diminished on a much bigger scale. Besides, both Red Light Therapy and Microcurrent are known to stimulate the production of skin-building proteins collagen and elastin that not only provide a rejuvenating effect, but are also extremely helpful in skin regeneration and resurfacing after the acne lesions had already subsided. Consequently, the skin is acne-free, smooth, soft and firm.

It is as good and as easy.

Blue Light Therapy w/ Red Light and Microcurrent Skincare Wand - 5 in 1 Portable At-Home Use Face Wand


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