What is High Frequency Facial and Why Do We Use It?

October 11, 2021

What is High Frequency Facial and Why Do We Use It?

The High Frequency Facial has gained its great popularity not without a reason - nowadays it is used to treat acne vulgaris, hyperpigmentation, skin puffiness as well as visible signs of skin aging including fine lines and wrinkles. After all, it has been developed by such a renowned scientist as Nikola Tesla. While first it was applied to manage wounds, sore throat and similar infections, in 1892, almost a century after Tesla’s invention, French biophysicist Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval pioneeringly introduced the technique to treat skin and mucous membrane conditions. That is why High Frequency is traditionally called „Tesla Current” or „D’Arsonval High Frequency”. What does exactly happen during this facial and why is it so good? 

When the High Frequency Facial Wand is applied to the surface of the skin, a small electrical current passes through a neon or argon gas-filled electrode. In the first instance, a red/orange light is produced, which is more suited for rejuvenating and anti-aging purposes, while in the second case, the violet/blue light is generated that is better for acne-prone skin. At the same time, the process gives rise to a plethora of oxygen molecules and imitates a natural thermal tissue warming. The local skin circulation is stimulated what gives the skin a proper nutrient boost and ultimately leads to increased levels of collagen and elastin. Studies show that the skin is visibly rejuvenated just after one facial, yet with a course of a couple of months, it becomes firmer and more youthful long-term. Simultaneously, the high concentration of oxygen kills the acne-causing bacteria and effectively minimizes the inflammation what results in a clearer, smoother complexion.

Do High Frequency facial wands work?

While High Frequency Facial can be done at a professional clinic, today it is also possible that you perform the technique from the comfort of your own bathroom with a help of a High Frequency Facial Wand. What is good news is the fact that high frequency facial wands work  perfectly and are effective, yet due to safety reasons, high frequency facial wands emit a milder electrical current so the results will not be as dramatic as when regularly attending a salon.

What are the disadvantages of facial?

High Frequency Facial is usually very well-tolerated. What you may expect is some transient tingling, redness, or swelling after the procedure, nonetheless, it should resolve within a couple of days.

Can I use High Frequency Facial every day?

It is recommended that you use High Frequency Facial maximally once a day so every day is perfectly fine if you see that it suits you the most. You should just remember not to use the high frequency facial wand longer than 15-20 minutes on your whole face, sticking to 2-3 minutes per face area.

Does High Frequency remove dark spots?

Hyperpigmentation, which includes dark spots, arises from one or a combination of certain factors: excessive accumulation of melanin in the skin, weak skin blood vessels, dysfunctional circulation, and thin skin. High Frequency effectively reduces the impact of frequent triggers that stimulate the over secretion of melanin like inflammation and sun-related damage. At the same time, it strengthens the skin’s blood vessels and boosts skin circulation what excellently prevents hyperpigmentation of vascular origin. Besides, it tightens and resurfaces the skin so that ultimately the hyperpigmentation is even less visible.

Can High Frequency Facial damage your skin?

High Frequency Facial is officially considered a safe procedure when performed correctly so that you should not fear that your skin will get damaged anyhow. Nonetheless, if the high frequency facial wand is used incorrectly like for a prolonged period of time or on a too-high setting, it can be detrimental to your skin’s condition. For the same reason, you should not use the technique on actively inflamed skin. High Frequency is also not recommended if you have a pacemaker, a heart disease (it is to be consulted with your doctor), or are pregnant.

Is face massage good for face?

Simultaneously, if you want to maximize the effects of High Frequency Facial or cannot have it done at the moment, a face massage is a good idea. The benefits of it have been long known and are partly similar to those achieved by High Frequency. When the facial muscles are slightly agitated during a massage, oxygen is produced what stimulates circulation as well as collagen and elastin production hence the skin becomes tighter and smoother.

Can face massage cause wrinkles?

Wrinkles are formed when the muscles contract very frequently over a certain period of time and when the skin is thinner, weaker, and dehydrated. Since a facial massage helps the muscles relax and reverses the signs of skin aging, it prevents, not causes, the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

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