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Self-Care Company Laduora Meshes Technology And Beauty To Provide The Best And Affordable Routine With Proven Results, Live Nyse Nasdaq

August 09, 2021

Self-Care Company Laduora Meshes Technology And Beauty To Provide The Best And Affordable Routine With Proven Results, Live Nyse Nasdaq - LADUORA

Okan Sarsurluoglu’s (Jae) new venture sets out to be his most successful one to date.

Moving to the United States in 2007 to pursue his career and obtain his second master’s degree in business and computer science, he worked for giant and well renowned corporations such as Toshiba and founded his first business two years later. His dedication and motivation to provide quality work drives him when it comes to creating new methods and introducing new ideas. With seven years of experience in product design, engineering and consumer electronics, he now possesses five design patents in different industries.

He is now focusing his efforts into his start-up, LADUORA®. A self-care company focused on skin and hair, they are devoted to creating the smartest and most convenient devices out there. Their products slip into daily routines effortlessly with no learning curve.

With self-care often neglected by people, Laduora puts an emphasis on taking time to appreciate and care for your body to reap the benefits.

“We are all about embracing freedom and putting freedom in the hands of people. Our products are designed to deliver a 100% unique, enjoyable, and personalized beauty, self-care experience”, says Jae.

It is with passion that they create these products, continuing to improve and seek the latest innovations. They believe in fearlessly pushing boundaries and boldly disrupting the status quo in the beauty industry.

Recently launching their Laduora Face collection, it features a revolutionary advanced skin care wand called VELVE, a sleek and elegant facial tool designed to restore youthful-looking skin in a smart, natural and noninvasive way. The dermatological technology used makes it stand out from the crowd. Among many, the red light therapy helps stimulate collagen and improve tissue oxygenation for rejuvenated, plumper skin. The low-level microcurrent gives the skin the boost it needs by imitating the one naturally produced by the body to promote smooth, healthy skin. It also features thermal therapy which increases the skin permeability and blood flow, resulting in better absorption of serums.

Their upcoming device, LADUORA® DUO, is the world’s first pod-based hair and scalp care device, used to leave every strand of hair nourished and revived in minutes.

Easy to use, their products provide the best skincare experience.

“LADUORA was created in Los Angeles, California to fill a gap in the beauty and self-care industry for premium quality, state-of-art, yet affordable devices and products” he adds.

Meshing the world of technology and beauty is what they are best at.

To learn more their website can be found here.


LADUORA® was created in Los Angeles, California to fill a gap in the self-care industry for luxurious, premium quality, state-of-art, yet affordable devices and products, such as cutting edge VELVE rejuvenating facial wand, facial serum, LISS facial cleansing massager, and upcoming hair-care devices and products.

Live Nyse Nasdaq
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