How to do a SPA-LEVEL Face Massage at Home

July 05, 2021

How to do a spa level massage at home laduora blog


Boosts blood circulation

Face massage applies gentle movements on the skin to gets the blood pumping. This increased blood flow deflates puffiness, detoxifies the skin. It can also stimulate collagen production and cell growth, resulting in a smoother and younger-looking complexion.

Releases toxins

Another main benefit of face massage is detoxifying your skin by getting rid of pollution and certain controversial ingredients in the beauty products we are using daily. Those toxins built up within our skin and potentially cause fine lines, breakouts, and puffiness. Face massages increase blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage to help detoxify your skin and keep your skin clean and refreshed.

Enhances product absorption

Massaging your face can be a powerful addition to your skincare routine. When you apply serums, facial oils, or eye creams while using facial massage techniques it helps your skin absorb them much better and easier.

And much more - A daily face massage can also help minimize pores and acne, relieve both muscle and emotional tension, and many other benefits to help you achieve an overall healthy, toned, and glowing complexion.



At-home face massages are simple to incorporate into our daily skincare routine, either in the morning or at night before you go to sleep. Here is a simple step by step general face massage technique we should apply:

  • Start with a clean slate;
  • Applying a thin layer of the product of choice (can be either facial oil or serum);
  • Treat - here are some basic beginner steps you can follow:
How to do a spa level massage at home - laduora blog
  • Follow with the rest of your skincare routine to finish your facial massage treatment.



Be gentle to your skin: All movements in a face massage should be very gentle and mindful, especially around the eyes since the tissue around the eyes is a lot thinner.

Use warm hands:  A good face massage should be applied using warm hands, firm yet gentle pressure to help to maximize the benefits.

Use a facial massager: While using your hands can be effective enough, but there are some tools available to enhance your experience. For example, the LADUORA® VELVE is a red light therapy skincare wand featuring thermotherapy and sonic vibration – it mimics the effects of warm facial massage and helps lift sagging skin, improve blood circulation, and recharge elasticity. A perfect beauty-enhancing tool to simplify your facial massage experience without using your finger or knuckles.

Laduora Velve Face Wand

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