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4 Secret Spots To Use Your Skincare Wand

Our Velve Skincare Wand was ergonomically built and allows for personalization based on your unique skin goals. Whether you're looking to treat your neck or want to reduce wrinkles around the eye or mouth, Velve was made with you in mind.


The vibration and heat effect in Velve enhances circulation to the skin, improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Glide under eyes in an upward and outward motion to minimize the appearance of dark circles or puffiness. 


Do you know the microcurrent can also help create the appearance of full-looking lips? Apply conductive serum to your lips and a little bit around them, then use the Velve to gently push up on your lips toward your nose to keep your lips plump and hydrated.


LED light therapy has also been used for boosting your eyebrows growth. This is because light stimulates blood and oxygen flow to all parts of the skin, including hair follicles and cells. Gently glide the Velve over your eyebrows to achieve longer, denser, and healthier brows.


Our hands are rarely protected from sun and toxins, and are often the most skin-damaged part of the body. Velve uses red light therapy to help reverse signs of aging and improve the look and feel of hands.