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Stephanie Voelckers
Customer Experience Director

"LADUORA was founded with one simple mission: To provide premium self-care devices and products to help you look and feel good everyday!"

We Bring Joy Back Into Your Skin Care Routine



At LADUORA®, a team of entrepreneurial engineers, designers, and industry experts came together to create something better than the industry standard could provide. We’re here to provide you with premium self-care devices and products to help you look and feel good every day! We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate to offer the best self-care products that everyone is raving about.


LADUORA® was created in Los Angeles, California to fill a gap in the self-care industry for luxurious, premium quality, state-of-art, yet affordable devices and products, such as cutting edge VELVE rejuvenating facial wand, facial serum, LISS facial cleansing massager, and upcoming hair-care devices and products. We are all about embracing freedom and putting freedom in the hands of people. Our products are designed to deliver a 100% unique, enjoyable, and personalized self-care experience. Most importantly, our designs keep the rule of simplicity as a keynote of elegance.


Clean is a lifestyle.
Ethically sourced ingredients, All LADUORA® products contain none of the questionable-for-your-health ingredients commonly found in conventional beauty products. That does NOT mean it does not perform. It simply means more time and effort has been put into consciously creating the formulations so that they do not harm you or the environment.


We continue to innovate and seek out fresh modern new self-care technologies and products. We believe in fearlessly pushing boundaries and boldly disrupting the status quo. Our upcoming device, LADUORA® DUO, is the world’s first pod-based hair and scalp care device leaving every strand of your hair and scalp nourished and revived in minutes.