Vampire Facial – Is It Safe For My Skin?

November 22, 2021

Vampire Facial – Is It Safe For My Skin?

The great lesson everyone should learn is that there is beauty in pain. I know some people might disagree with those words, but some will agree.

That is the lesson that best explains a situation that requires you to inject your blood back into your face in the name of beauty.

Vampire facials are understandable, and it works perfectly on the skin, especially when you are vampy after being isolated with only the blue light from our computer screens filling the room.

Truth be told, as we go deeper into the post-pandemic era,  the sun is ready to do its work for a more extended period, and operational procedures to keep our skin in shape could be a Vampire trick.

Now let's talk!

What Is A Vampire Facial?

Vampire facial, which is also known as Vampire facelift or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP), is a procedure that aims to use a patient's blood to trick the body into healing and repair.

The blood is removed and afterward goes through a turning interaction to isolate the plasma, infused by penetrating the skin utilizing a miniature needle. 

The hypothesis is that this assists with reviving the skin, making it tighter and smoother. 

The blood is wealthy in platelets that have incredibly undeniable degrees of development factors. So when applied to your skin, these development factors help in supporting cell turnover rate. 

They additionally implant your skin with antioxidants. This method also works on your skin strength, implying that your skin can retain other healthy skin items better. 

Why Vampire Facials?

Vampire facials get their name because of their surprising and somewhat shocking strategies. 

It involves a strategic process, yet it's not quite so intrusive as it sounds.

Vampire Facial started to help patients recover quickly from open-heart surgery but eventually became a popular procedure in sports medicine and now, as an anti-aging method.

Here are the benefits of Vampire facial;

  • Get rid of wrinkles
  • Skin refreshment with improvement in skin texture and tone.
  • It helps to improve the appearance of acne or chickenpox scars.
  • Speedy up the healing process after some chemical peels.
  • Eliminates sun damage and pigmentation problems 
  • Brightens skin

Side Effects Of Vampire Facial.

Most of the side effects of vampire facials are temporary and can be treated through a professional process. 

Topical anesthesia can reduce the pain during the procedure by using topical anesthesia before the procedure. Other pests and redness will surely disappear within 24-48 hours after the process.

Here are possible side effects that come with vampire facials;

  • Pain during the procedure
  • Light bleeding during the procedure
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Tingling sensation within the skin
  • Infection and scarring from the needles
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Dry skin

Is It Safe For My Skin?

Vampire facials are safe when done in a protected environment and with sterilized equipment. 

It works perfectly for anyone with hyperpigmentation and slight wrinkles that need to even out their complexion. 

Likewise, with most external systems, unsterilized equipment increases the danger of exposing oneself and contaminating a chronic disease which is why you must do your research before exploring before picking your doctor or dermatologist. 

Vampire facials are a noninvasive method that should securely be possible by a specialist or dermatologist with the right equipment and affirmations. 

It is possible to contract or transmit bloodborne infection if the equipment is not cleaned or sterilized.

Regardless of dangers, vampire facials are, for the most part, protected. 

The Expectations

Do you intend to go for Vampire Facials? Here's what you should expect during the interaction. 

Your body recharges its plasma generally at regular intervals, so you should have a healthy eating routine for about three days before your arrangement. 

Before your procedure, the specialist will purify your skin and apply an effective sedative to numb the region. 

While your face numbs, the blood sample will be taken from your arm and put in the rotator to isolate the platelets. 

When you are pretty numb, the specialist will utilize a little needling gadget to permeate the skin. 

At last, the PRP will be applied and worked into the skin. 

To finish everything off, the specialist may apply a cream that will speed up the healing process and shield your skin from possible injections.

It takes somewhere in the range of 30-45 minutes. 

Typically, vampire facials have next to zero vacation, and you can even drive yourself home from the arrangement! 

With Vampire Facials, there is no danger of rejection since it's your own body. 

Conceivable incidental effects following the methodology might include:

The Recovery Process.

You might experience some bruising or redness days following your procedure as you are recovering from the process.

Most times, the doctors will give you some aftercare instructions, but get yourself a gentle cleanser alongside the instructions and avoid any alcohol-based products, fragrances, and exfoliants for at least 72 hours post-procedure (3-4days).

Make sure to apply it daily and avoid the sun as much as possible because it can damage your skin!

Don't panic; the side effects and irritation that come with the process will likely fade within the first four days, with an evident.

Is Vampire For you?

You are surprised just the way I am. Aren't you? 

The truth is Vampire Facial Isn't for everyone, or let me say, all types of skin.

Below are factors that might likely disqualify you from having vampire facials;

  • An active infection
  • Exposed wounds or signs of poor wound healing
  • Pre-existing low platelet count
  • Chronic health challenges such as cancer, diabetes.
  • Pregnancy
  • Taking blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants)


What determines how fast you see your desired result is Your skin condition. For example, if you have skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, it could take multiple sessions before seeing your desired results.

Before you begin the vampire facials, you should test to know the kind of skin texture you have. This will help to understand what results to expect as you embark on the process.

However, if you follow the stated procedures, you might likely not have issues.

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